Rolling Toward South

Corsica, wonderful wild island, this exciting cruise will pull you in 10 days of navigation in total freedom in the east of the island, where you will love its bays, untouched nature and island flavors that will make you go back in time.


Monday morning we'll sail, immediately after filling the galley, to the island of Capraia, where we will enjoy a dip in the sea of ​​this beautiful island.

Towards Corsica, we sail into the town of Bastia in which, once moored in port, we will immerse ourselves in its perfumes and the premises of the old city.

From Bastia we will sail getting lost in the beautiful bays south of Solenzara, continuing in the Pinarello bay, to arrive in the beautiful nature reserve on the island of Cavallo; then we will stop in the wild gulf of Santa Manza.

Around the ninth day we will sail to the Island of Elba we will brighten the spirit before returning home.

This cruise will take place ONLY WITH EXCLUSIVE BOAT, cost is to be divided among the participants:

  • PERIOD A: €5.400
  • PERIOD B: €4.800
  • PERIOD C: €4.300

The reservation for this cruise must be made at least 30 days before departure with an advance of 50% of the total fee.