Route of the Dolphins

Isle of Capraia and Corsica, with their legendary ports and villages to visit. A cruise through the bays with transparent waters, nice restaurants on the beach and nights under the stars.


On Monday morning, boarding, food loading and ready to sail to Capraia; the encounter with dolphins may take place during the crossing.

Capraia Island is beautiful and wild, with its legendary port and the typical village to visit. The possibility of sighting the friendly mammals will be extended during the route to the french island which the Greeks called Kalliste that means "the most beautiful."

The cruise will go on in a succession of coves with clear water and white beaches likeTamarone, Centuri, loveliest and most typical restaurants on the beach, nights under the stars and moments devoted to broaden and improve life on board and its technical aspects.

We'll skirt the famous island of Giraglia after rounding Capo Corso, we will take a caribbean day in Saleccia and an evening in Saint Florent for relaxation, shopping and...some fresh lobster.

On Friday we'll dive for a last swim in Finocchiarola and then put the bow to the south of Capraia, where we expect the fabulous waters of the bay of Cala Rossa and Baia del Ceppo, with returning for the last night on board in the harbor of the port of Capraia.

On Sunday is expected to return to the starting port on lunch time.